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Determine Comparable Characteristics & Potential Deficiencies

If your overseas manufacturer has switched components or if the contractor you’ve hired has cut corners, Anderson Engineering can test your product to determine comparable characteristics and potential deficiencies.

Electrical Ratings
Electronic components are manufactured by the millions and they are used in almost every consumer product. The key to selecting the correct component is knowing the electrical and environmental stresses that will affect the component over the course of its life. If one rating is satisfied, but another isn’t, problems occur. Yet substitution of components occurs in assembly plants all over the world.

Ratings Satisfied
Whether your issue is substitution with an inferior component or the need to know how your product is likely to fail at end-of-life, Anderson Engineering can provide testing and guidance on these issues. Our experience has included identification of potentially catastrophic failure modes and accelerated product life testing. For Excellence in Engineering™ call 1-800-893-4047.

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