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Careful Inspection & Analysis

Do the construction methods in your subdivision meet current electrical codes?  Was the neon lighting system properly installed? Has your neighbor’s stucco house become energized?  Our engineers can answer these questions through careful inspection and analysis. 

Construction Defect
Years go by without a problem, and then lights go out, shocks occur, receptacles quit working, circuit breakers malfunction – not just in one home, but in an entire subdivision! That is the basis for many construction defect claims that can haunt an electrical contractor for years.

Best Defense is Good Offense
Our engineers have the skills not only to defend your electrical contractor, but to get to the root of the problem. Our documentation is top notch. We take photographs and collect large amounts of data. We then sort and analyze the data and ultimately address every concern. Many times these issues can be resolved after an independent analysis of the problem.

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