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Accurate, Independent Evaluations

Anderson Engineering licensed, Professional Engineers provide accurate, independent, evaluations of industry specific machines.  An Equipment Safety Review by a licensed professional engineer is often required in lieu of an independent testing laboratory certification.

Custom Equipment Reviews
OSHA requires that all electrical equipment in a manufacturing facility be certified by an independent testing laboratory. Many manufacturers find this requirement difficult to meet when providing custom test equipment for their manufacturing line or custom products to their clients. The certification requirement can be met by having the equipment reviewed by a licensed Professional Engineer.

Professional Engineer Certification
Your equipment safety problems can be addressed by our engineers. We review of your custom equipment to NFPA 79: The Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery and provisions of the National Electrical Code. You will be provided with a remediation report if necessary that is easy to understand, cites the codes, and provides photographs for clarity. A final certification letter will be sent to the Authority Having Jurisdiction at your request.

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