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Development of Electrical Safety Policies & Procedures

Anderson Engineering & Investigations has developed electrical safety programs for manufacturers across the country.  Our engineers will meet with your team and develop electrical safety policies and procedures, create site specific training materials, and provide comprehensive electrical safety training for your employees. 

Accident Prevention
Has your facility experienced an electrical accident? Do you have new employees who need specialized training? Are your employees required to work with live electrical circuits (Hot Work)? The time to put electrical safety policies in place is before you have an issue.

Proven Record
With our forensic engineering experience, we are often called in to evaluate an incident after it has occurred. Working with a client to develop electrical safety policies and provide the appropriate training has allowed Anderson Engineering to be pro-active when it comes to safety. We have several clients who have worked with us for years to provide on-going electrical safety training which has significantly reduced their electrical accident record.

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