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Our degreed and professional engineers are cross-trained on fire investigation techniques to ensure that all Origin and Cause Investigations are compliant with the latest research.  

Where To Begin?
Do you need an engineer with experience in origin and cause analysis? Do you need to determine which electrical events happened first and which were caused by fire? Does your fire scene include several electrical appliances and/or large distribution equipment? Did your fire burn so hot that it reached the melting temperature of copper? How do you interpret the evidence?

Sound Opinions are Not Formed in a Vacuum
A combination of facts including interpretation of burn patterns, information from witness interviews, analysis of ventilation and fuel load patterns, as well as a scientific analysis and interpretation of the physical evidence is required to answer these complex questions. Sound opinions must be supported by all of the facts. Our engineers are cross-trained to provide a comprehensive investigation. They work hand in hand with your fire investigator to determine the answers to these tough Origin and Cause analysis questions.  For Excellence in Engineering, call us at 1-800-893-4047.

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