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Fire scene analysis including electrical reconstruction, product identification and arc-mapping are just a few of the services we provide.  Our team of professionals in the field is backed by a support team that can provide quick recall searches and lightning strike reports to the investigator in the field. 

Large Loss Management
Managing a large team of technical experts or a scene with multiple parties creates challenges in logistics, artifact recovery, scene documentation and teamwork. Product and service identification are critical, as is preserving the scene for an orderly processing with fair access by all parties.

Our Deep Bench
With several experienced engineers and technicians on staff, Anderson Engineering can provide consistent professional coverage and processing of your large loss scene. We have experience leading a team of experts from scene inspection to trial. Managing access to the scene, making sure artifacts are properly preserved, and ensuring site information and security are all part of the full service we provide. For Excellence in Engineering, call us at 1-800-893-4047.

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