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Accurate & Confident Professional Opinions

Engineering opinions are professionally communicated, based on scientific interpretation of the facts, and tested in the courts.  Our engineers are articulate, personable, and confident when presenting their findings to a client or a jury. 

Look You In The Eye
Have you ever had an expert at deposition that mumbled, didn’t look you in the eye, or talked over your head?  Has your expert evaded the question or just plain can’t support their opinion except to say, “Because I said so!”? Don’t let that happen again.

Confident and Secure
At Anderson Engineering, our experts provide well-supported opinions that are based on the scientific method. Our experts will look you in the eye and are confident. In addition, they spend the time it takes to practice court room testimony, create demonstrative exhibits, and organize an understandable approach to their testimony. Our experts will educate the jury so the jury can make a well-founded decision. For Excellence in Engineering, call us at 800-893-4047 .