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Insurance Community
Our core business is providing forensic electrical engineering services in the area of fire and accident investigation.  We provide the insurance industry with professional and timely services.  When a fire or accident occurs, our engineers and fire investigators are on scene quickly and provide a summary of facts that helps the insurer to decide the course of the investigation.  Our engineers have experience in both large and small losses and have a working knowledge of the requirements for a successful investigation.

Legal Community
Our team of registered professional engineers and technical experts provides forensic engineering services in the area of fire and accident investigations.  We have experience working with the legal community both in product liability and general liability matters.  Our opinions are independent and as such we have worked on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants.  We produce well-written, understandable, and well-supported opinions and are prepared to defend them in court.

We provide manufacturers with fire investigation and forensic engineering services, equipment safety reviews, electrical safety training, and product testing.  Our engineers have diverse backgrounds and training and draw on this wealth of experience to provide creative solutions for our customers and clients.  We are detail oriented with the ability to analyze and solve problems. 

OEMs / Distributors
Midwest Current Transformer, a division of Anderson Engineering, manufactures current transformers for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) as component parts and to electrical distributors to be carried as part of their product line.  Our CTs are UL Recognized components.  We build to suit your needs and have very fast turn-around times.  Our engineers provide custom designs for our clients.

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