Through our Consulting Services International Division, Anderson Engineering offers comprehensive, long-term compressor testing.  CSI facilities include multiple test stands for compressors where variations like temperature and pressure can be introduced into the testing process.  Industry pioneer Curt Slayton brings decades of experience to your compressor testing problem. 

CSI joins AE
Consulting Services International (CSI) became a division of Anderson Engineering in 2012. For decades, Curt Slayton has provided long-term compressor testing and analysis to manufacturers across the country. With our acquisition of CSI, AE not only gained the capabilities of a nationally recognized refrigeration specialist, but we acquired a world-class testing facility in Louisville, Kentucky.


CSI Reputation for Excellence
CSI routinely tests compressors on individual test stands for months at a time. Data is taken daily to ensure test conditions are met. Services include compressor accelerated life testing, calorimeter tests, evaluation of alternative refrigerants and lubricants, failure diagnostics, capillary blockage tests, field return analysis and consulting and design review. For Excellence in Engineering™ call 1-800-893-4047.