Experienced Origin and Cause Analysis
Our degreed and professional engineers are cross-trained on fire investigation techniques to ensure that all Origin and Cause Investigations are compliant with the latest research. In addition our fire investigation division, Blaze Fire Investigation, allows us to offer clients a multi-disciplined approach to large losses. READ MORE>

Fire Scene Investigation
Fire scene analysis including electrical reconstruction, product identification and arc-mapping are just a few of the services we provide. Our team of professionals in the field is backed by a support team that can provide quick recall searches and lightning strike reports to the investigator in the field. READ MORE>

Electrical Accident Reconstruction
Electrical accidents from power line contact to manufacturing control failures are within the purview of our engineering experts. We bring electrical safety, design and manufacturing experience to our accident analysis. READ MORE>

Expert Witness Testimony
Engineering opinions are professionally communicated, based on scientific interpretation of the facts, and tested in the courts. Our engineers are articulate, personable, and confident when presenting their findings to a client or a jury.  READ MORE>

Hazardous Emergency Response
All of our professional and technical staff receives the OSHA recognized, 40 hour, Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training. We have experience in identifying hazards, putting together a site safety plan, and working in hazardous environments. READ MORE>