Through our Midwest Current Transformer Division, our engineers provide customized current transformer design for our clients.   Midwest Current Transformer is a worldwide leader in supplying high quality current transformer products. 

An Industry Need
Many large current transformer manufacturers have mechanized product lines that don’t lend themselves to custom designs. While these off-the-shelf current transformers will fill some needs, it is not always possible to find the correct voltage rating, the correct dimensions, and the correct VA all in one package.

MCT Builds To Suit
Our engineers have developed a design program that allows us to vary the parameters of your CT to match your need. We specialize in custom designs for everything from the multi-tap transformers used in the oil industry to high voltage metering applications. Given a sample, we can even match the electrical and magnetic characteristics of an existing transformer to replace a failed unit in a coordinated installation. For Excellence in Engineering™ call us at 1-800-893-4047.