Lead engineer Curt Slayton produces innovative compressor designs in our Consulting Services International division.  Slayton’s design of miniature compressors has been patented.  He puts his decades of experience to work for our compressor design clients. 

Cooling Demands Increase
With increased populations around the world, we are seeing increased demand for environmentally sustainable cooling systems. Current air conditioning and refrigeration technologies rely on compressor systems with refrigerants. In the past, some of these designs have had high energy costs and the refrigerants have been bad for the environment.

Testing For Success
If your company has a new compressor design or new refrigerant to test, Consulting Services International has the facility and expertise to fulfill your requirements. Strict confidentiality of test results is guaranteed. Our engineers have years of experience in compressor design and test procedures. We provide everything from accelerated life testing to compressor consultation and design review. For Excellence in Engineering™ call us at 1-800-893-4047.